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Pristina, 25 October 2016. The Portuguese Contingent Transfer of Authority (ToA) Ceremony, took place on 25 october in Camp Slim Lines, Pristina, Kosovo.

The first part of the Event concerned the National ToA and was presided by the PRT Deputy Chief of Military Operations Joint Command, Major General Cardoso Lourenço. This was followed by the KTM Change of Command, presided by DCOM KFOR, Brigadier General Christian Riener.

In his speech LTC Franciso Sousa, outgoing KTM Commander belonging to the 2 nd Paratrooper Infantry Battalion, stated that the Portuguese Soldiers served with loyalty, returning to their Homeland having accomplished their mission in KFOR. Furthermore, he addressed the Hungarian comrades who served under his command highlighting their excellent performance.

Major General Cardoso Lourenço and DCOM KFOR Christian Riener both recognised the high value of the results achieved by LTC Sousa and his troops during their mandate and wished all success to the incoming PRT Contingent, 1 st Mechanized Infantry Battalion Commander, LTC António Cardoso.

In particular, DCOMKFOR stated that with the excellent level of performance attained during Operational Rehearsal level 2 in BiH, the 2 nd Paratrooper Infantry Battalion will remain in the history of KFOR.

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