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The Multinational Battle Group - West organized the first edition of the "Shooting Challenge Competition”. The live firing exercise competition was held at the "Voloire” firing range, located in the vicinity of Camp "Villaggio Italia”.

The exercise, conducted with small fire arms (pistols), was run to keep and to enhance KFOR units’ shooting capabilities and to ensure common understanding of shooting procedures. Furthermore, soldiers had the opportunity to increase their interoperability.

Each team was made up of five shooters. Teams involved belonged to the Joint Regional Detachment North (JRD-N) comprised of US and Swiss soldiers, the Multinational Battle Group - West (MNBG-W) comprised of Slovenian, Austrian and Italian soldiers, the Multinational Battle Group-East (MNBG-E) comprised of US soldiers, the MSU Carabinieri team, the Kosovo Tactical Maneuver Battalion Team (KTM) comprised of Portuguese soldiers and a team of the Joint Logistic Support Group (JLSG) comprised of Ukrainian soldiers.

The winner of the individual award was OR-6 Bostjan Kolmancic (Slovenian Army) belonging to MNBG-W. Second place was for OF-3 Vladimiro Cancela of KTM and third place was for OF-1 Rodrigo Ferreira of KTM.

The final team award was assigned to the MNBG-W team; second place for the KTM team and third place for the Carabinieri MSU team.

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