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PRISTINA, Kosovo. COM KFOR, Major General Guglielmo Luigi Miglietta, presided over the change of command ceremony in Slim Lines Camp, in Pristina.

The ceremony marked the official handover of the post of KFOR Tactical Manoeuvre Battalion Commander from Lieutenant Colonel Carlos Macieira to Lieutenant Colonel Francisco Sousa.

After six months, the 2nd Mechanized Infantry Battalion has been replaced by the 2nd Paratroopers Infantry Battalion.

In his speech, COM KFOR stressed the high level of professionalism and outstanding performance showed by KTM Portuguese personnel during their tour in Kosovo.

"Today it is an opportunity to honour the accomplishments of the soldiers who spent the last months contributing to ensure the safety and security of the people of Kosovo”, said General Miglietta, "the secret to this Battalion’s success has always been team work”.

The KFOR Tactical Reserve Manoeuvre Battalion (KTM), multinational unit comprised of Portuguese and Hungarian soldiers, is directly under COMKFOR’s Tactical Control as tactical reserve.

KTM’s capabilities includes a wide range of security operations, person designated with special status close security, property designated with special status security, road control, escorting columns, surveillance, reconnaissance, population aid and other infantry tasks.

KTM is specifically trained in Crowd and Riot Control Operations and provides CRC training to all KFOR units in particular fire phobia training.

This Unit can be deployed anywhere in the theatre of operations and perform any task or mission for an unlimited period of time, being completely independent.

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