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28 JUL 2016 PODGORICA, Montenegro. High Level Talk in Montenegro was held between KFOR Commander, Major General Guglielmo Luigi Miglietta and the Chief of the Armed Forces of the Republic of Montenegro, Admiral Dragan Samardzic.
The high ranking Officers discussed the overall situation in Kosovo and the latest developments in the current security situation in the Balkans.
Admiral Samaradzic highlighted the importance of KFOR’s presence in Kosovo and the ability of KFOR to work positively with key stakeholders in Kosovo and in the Balkan’s region.
"KFOR remains committed to maintaining a Safe and Secure Environment and Freedom of Movement for all the residents of Kosovo” said General Miglietta. He also highlighted that KFOR’s mandate as well as its strength and posture remain unchanged and any change to KFOR’s future force posture will be based on careful analysis of the conditions on the ground.
Both interlocutors agreed on the importance of continuing dialogue and cooperation with all the stakeholders at Balkan regional level.

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