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29 APR 2016
GJILAN, Kosovo. This afternoon, KFOR Commander, Major General Guglielmo Luigi Miglietta, presided over the opening of a new Field House for the LMT, under Turkish Command, based at Gjilan. Also present at the ceremony was the Turkish Ambassador, H.E. Mrs. Kivilcim Kiliҫ, and the Mayor of the municipality, Mr. Lufti Haziri.

The current KFOR posture includes two Multinational Battle Groups (MNBGs) and three Joint Regional Detachments (JRDs), covering different areas: MNBG-East HQ in Urosevac, at "Camp Bondsteel”, MNBG-West HQ in Pec, at "Camp Villaggio Italia”, JRD-North HQ in Novo Selo, at "Camp Marechal de Lattre de Tassigny”, JRD-Centre HQ in Pristina, at "Camp Film City”, and JRD-South HQ in Prizren, at "Camp Sultan Murat”.

The JRDs, operating with non-kinetic assets named Liaison and Monitoring Teams (LMTs), provide KFOR with a ‘situational awareness’, through a liaison activity with the local institutions, International Organizations and especially with the local population. They conduct daily monitoring activities in order to get the ‘pulse’ of economic, social and the political situation.

For KFOR the continued operation of these LMTs remains a key enabler to engage with the local population, thereby further enhancing and reinforcing the already very positive image of KFOR as they interface with the people of Kosovo and, allied to this, to develop and foster the credibility of KFOR amongst the local populace.

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