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Pristina, Kosovo. The Supreme Allied Commander Europe (SACEUR), General Philip M. Breedlove visited HQ KFOR at Camp "Film City” in Pristina where he met KFOR Commander Major General Guglielmo Luigi Miglietta.

General Breedlove was briefed by COM KFOR and the international HQ Staff on the latest developments in the current security and political situation in Kosovo and in western Balkans region.

After the briefing, SACEUR expressed his appreciation for the improved overall security situation in Kosovo and he pointed out the key role of KFOR as effective promoter of the dialogue between Pristina and Belgrade.

SACEUR underlined the positive and close cooperation with KP, EULEX, and with all the other international and local organizations, in order to maintain a Safe and Secure Environment and Freedom of Movement throughout Kosovo.

General Breedlove greeted the KFOR troops and he emphasized the importance of KFOR in the delicate and complex context of the Balkans and the need to continue to accomplish the mission promoting progress and dialogue in the region.

During the two day visit General Breedlove, accompanied by COMKFOR, had a very useful meeting with the "Quint Ambassadors”, the ambassadors of France, Germany, Italy, United Kingdom and United States in Kosovo. He also met several Representatives of the International Community: the EU Special Representative, the UNMIK Special Representative of Secretary General, the OSCE Head of Mission and the International Monetary Fund Representative.

"I have come away from these engagements today very confident that all of our men and women in KFOR, EULEX and other international groups are fully committed to continuing the progress and many diplomatic improvements that have been accomplished here”, General Breedlove said, "the latest agreements reached by Pristina and Belgrade, with the mediation of the European Union and the efforts of KFOR, confirm the importance of the dialogue as a key factor of success”.

On completion of his tour, General Breedlove met the KFOR Units operating in Camp Sparta and he visited the Decane Visoki Monastery where he met the Abbot of the DECANI orthodox Monastery, Father Sava.

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