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Today, KFOR Commander, Major General Francesco Paolo Figliuolo welcomed the Kosovo Prime Minister, Mr. Isa Mustafa, at Camp "Film City” NATO KFOR Headquarters in Pristina/Prishtinë.

This was their first occasion to meet since General Figliuolo took command of KFOR and Mr. Mustafa was designated Kosovo Prime Minister, and also an opportunity for KFOR Commander to congratulate him on his new appointment.

General Figliuolo and Mr. Mustafa discussed many topics related to the latest developments of security and the socio-economic situation in Kosovo. In particular, KFOR’s effective role was highlighted in its close coordination with the local Institutions to ensure a secure environment, thus allowing the development of better social and economic conditions for all citizens of Kosovo.

The importance of KFOR was also emphasized during the meeting, in the delicate and complex context of the Balkans and the need to continue to accomplish the mission promoting progress and dialogue in the region through the implementation of the Brussels Agreements.

Mr. Mustafa thanked General Figliuolo for the full support and the outstanding contribution of KFOR to the process of stabilization, underlining the great professionalism of all KFOR soldiers.

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