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Pristina, Kosovo. COM KFOR, Major General Guglielmo Luigi Miglietta, attended this morning the ceremony for the change of Command of the JRD-C between the outgoing Commander, Colonel Corrado Benzi and the incoming one Colonel Massimo Mela.

"JRDs and LMTs – General Miglietta said - are essential for KFOR because they made possible the partnership, based on mutual confidence, with local institution, security organizations and international community in Kosovo”.

Looking back to his period in Kosovo Colonel Benzi stated that "It is always challenging to work in a multinational environment as KFOR with so many different culture, experiences and sensibility, for sure it has been an honor and a privilege to be part of this very efficient organization composed of soldier of different nations united under the same flag, aiming at the same goal and speaking with one voice”.

JRD-C has to provide to COM KFOR situational awareness in the area of responsibility which includes 13 Municipalities, contribute to the maintenance of a Safe and Secure Environment and Freedom of Movement, monitoring and early identifying security, socio-economic and political situations.

JRD-C manages and deals with overt information, gathers and liaises with regional and local authorities, population and international organizations Kosovo wide in order to "feel the pulse of Kosovo”.

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