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Today the NATO Secretary General announced that the Alliance has authorised the Commander of the Kosovo Force to fully relax the "Air Safety Zone”, a 25-kilometre zone that extends beyond the Kosovo Administrative Boundary Line, established at the early stages of the Alliance-led KFOR peacekeeping mission in Kosovo.

This decision was taken in response to the confirmation of the Republic of Serbia’s continued commitment to Balkan airspace normalisation and reflects the positive record of cooperation between KFOR and the Serbian Armed Forces within the Joint Implementation Commission framework.

The Relaxation of the "Air Safety Zone” is a significant step in the full normalisation of the Balkans air space. It shows that the region is on the way to full integration into the European airspace management system.

NATO nations recognize and appreciate the progress made in deepening NATO-Serbia relations and in cooperation on issues of common interest. This has included the Republic of Serbia’s constructive approach toward re-opening of the upper airspace over Kosovo for civilian traffic overflights within the framework of the NATO-led Balkans Aviation Normalisation Meetings (BANM).

NATO looks forward to Republic of Serbia’s continued engagement and commitment to the re-opening of the lower airspace over Kosovo, allowing scheduled commercial flights to use the more direct and defined lower airways. As a consequence this will generate shorter flights in the region and generate savings for airspace users.

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