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"…smile of children is the hope of people. All of us smile in the same manner…”

This sentence summarizes the job of Carabinieri, belonging to the Multinational Specialized Unit (MSU), which carry out various activities in support of local civil administrations and in favor of young generations for a better Kosovo.

Carabinieri of MSU have organized the event on 16 September in Gijlane, setting up a playground for the benefit of kindergarten "Bajram Curri", in the village of Shurdhan.

The most significant moment of this simple ceremony occurred when, surrounded by the joyful yells of the playing children, a plaque in memory of the donation was unveiled, quoting the following sentence into four different languages: "smile of children is the hope of people. All of us smile in the same manner.”

On the 23 September, the Carabinieri MSU donated a generator to the school "Isa Boletin” in Boletini Village, municipality of Zvecan - North Mitrovica Region, that will supply electricity and heating to the offices and classrooms of the secondary school.

Once again the Carabinieri showed how KFOR soldiers are deeply involved in fostering solidarity towards local population. Deeming the fact that during winter time, due to bad weather conditions, the supply of electricity in that municipality undergoes drastic limitations, till to 8/10 hours per day, and consequently the temperature of the environment drops down up to 10 degrees below zero, the MSU Regiment decided to warm up the hearts of the less fortunate children of Kosovo.

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