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KFOR troops train for mass casualty emergency situation

29th April 2015 KFOR troops rehearsed their readiness and their Standing Operating Procedures (SOP) in case of intervention for a mass casualty (MASCAL) emergency situation. A Task Force entirely composed of KFOR soldiers, Military Police including also KFOR Fire Brigade Unit and EULEX (European Union Rule of Law) helicopter, tested their capabilities during a staged incident.

The scenario for the exercise was set up in an open field close to Camp ”Prizren” in the southern part of Kosovo where alongside a road, some vehicles simulated a large scale road accident involving civilians. After an emergency phone call, made by a driver who was involved, the ground and the air medical evacuation teams converged on the spot in order to provide first aid to the injured.

The medical professionals immediately prioritized who would be evacuated first by air and then who would be transported by ground ambulance. On-site treatment was provided to injured people as well as others who were stabilized. One individual was loaded into the helicopter to be evacuated for more advanced care.The realistic make-up worn by the "injured,” added to the dramatic effect. They were inflicted with abdominal wounds, burns and more serious injuries.

"The best way to make sure that something works is to rehearse and to do drills”, KFOR JMED Branch Chief, Colonel Dr. Andreas Hölscher said. KFOR Commander, Major General Francesco Paolo Figliuolo appreciated the outstanding effort provided by the Field Hospital of Prizren. "I have been really impressed by the professionalism of the KFOR MED teams to stabilize injured people and how they have operated on the field”, he said.

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