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Pristina, Kosovo – This morning in the RTK building, Major General Francesco Paolo Figliuolo held a press conference to announce the end of his duty as KFOR XIX Commander.

During the press conference, General Figliuolo highlighted the comprehensive approach adopted during its mandate, which has allowed the establishing of effective collaboration among International Organizations (IO), Institutions in Kosovo and local communities. The comprehensive approach has been the key factor of success along the eleven months of its mandate.

During his mandate acting as XIX KFOR Commander, KFOR commitment for the security of Kosovo has been performed with more than 6500 Patrols in all Kosovo municipalities, more than 150 Synchronized patrols with Serbian Armed Forces along the Administrative Boundary Line and around 4300 flight hours for training and operational activities to deploy troops all around Kosovo.

Specifically, the comprehensive approach has been implemented with 8 High Level meetings with Chief of Defence of Albania, FYROM*, Montenegro and Serbia sharing information and strengthening security in Kosovo and Balkan area. General Figliuolo also conducted more than 100 meetings with ambassadors and IOs representatives, 50 with Kosovo institutions representatives including President Jahjaga and several ministers. KFOR officers had more than 1000 meetings with civilian, religious and Institutions representatives but also common people thanks to the deep and effective work of the KFOR Liaison Monitoring Teams.

Answering to a journalist General Figliuolo said that "terrorism is a global threat and no country is immune. Institutions in Kosovo have shown great commitment to prevent and face this phenomenon as for the adoption of the Law against foreign fighters. The work performed by the Kosovo security organizations in contrasting this phenomenon – conclude COMKFOR - has been very effective”.

* The NATO/UN name is the Former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia (FYROM). Turkey recognizes the Republic of Macedonia with its constitutional name

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