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Today the inauguration of the "Bailey" bridge near the Visoki Decani Monastery

Pec/Peja 15th July. After two months from the signature of the agreement of the construction, this morning took place the opening ceremony of the "Bailey” bridge near "Visoki Decani" monastery.

The project was strongly backed by the Commander of KFOR, Major General Francesco Paolo Figliuolo, to solve operational problems, in order to allow KFOR Multinational Battle Group West soldiers to protect the Monastery, where KFOR acts as first responder for its security. Also at the ceremony were many guests from IiK, representatives of the Serbian Orthodox Church and of International Organizations operating in Kosovo.

During his speech KFOR Commander remarked that the construction of the bridge it is a symbol of the role of KFOR in enhancing the relations between the Serbian Orthodox Church representatives and the Municipality of Decan/Decani.

The new bridge will be also utilized by the local community, and its opening will allow a faster and safer access to some zones of the Municipality, allowing at the same time the possible development of the area for the benefits of all Kosovo people.

General Figliuolo said: "The normalization of the relations and the socio-economic development are fundamental and essential factors of stability and can contribute to prevent rise of any type of extremism”

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