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Pristina, Kosovo. KFOR Commander, Major General Guglielmo Luigi Miglietta met today the Mayor of Leposavic, Mr Dragan Jablanovic.

General Miglietta and Mr Jablanovic discussed the current situation in Kosovo with specific focus on the north.

The mayor expressed to COM KFOR his appreciation and gratitude for the impartial and effective posture of KFOR in maintaining a safe and secure environment and freedom of movement for all the people. Mr Jablanovic remarked also that KFOR is one of the most trusted Institutions in Kosovo.

"KFOR will continue to provide a secure environment in the north and in the rest of Kosovo, ready to intervene as third security responder if required”, General Miglietta said. He also stressed that "KFOR, in full compliance with its mandate, promotes progress and dialogue in the region”.

General Miglietta and Mr Jablanovic agreed that the level of security is considerably increased in the North of Kosovo.

After the meeting KFOR Commander went to Camp Nothing Hill where he met with troops operating in KFOR’s most northern Forward Command Post. This unit closely monitors the situation in the north, paying particular attention to the boundary crossing points. These troops retain the capability to react to any operational situation in the region and remain committed to implementing KFOR’s mandate there.

KFOR Commander periodically meets with Kosovo stakeholders and KFOR troops on the ground, as part of the comprehensive approach to KFOR’s operations in Kosovo.

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