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Major General Guglielmo Luigi Miglietta is the new KFOR Commander

Pristina/Prishtinë, Kosovo. The Transfer of Authority ceremony between the outgoing KFOR Commander Major General Francesco Paolo Figliuolo and the incoming Major General Guglielmo Luigi Miglietta took place today in Camp "Film City”, NATO KFOR Headquarters.

The Ceremony was attended by the Kosovo President Atifete Jahjaga, the NATO JFC Naples Commander, Admiral Mark Ferguson III, the Italian Chief of Defence, General Claudio Graziano and military, civilian and religious authorities.

Admiral Ferguson III thanked General Figliuolo for the important results achieved and the outstanding performance showed by KFOR XIX soldiers during his mandate while pursuing KFOR XIX motto "Example Endeavour Entrust” and then he welcomed General Miglietta "we are blessed with another Commander from Italy”.

NATO JFC Naples Commander also greeted members of KFOR and he emphasized the importance of KFOR in maintaining a safe and security environment in Kosovo, improving the security of Kosovo and of the Balkan area.

Major General Figliuolo in his speech pointed out that "today KFOR is ten times smaller than it was in 1999 and the security in Kosovo is much more than ten times better”, he concluded, "security situation has vastly improved over the last year due to the preventive posture and actions adopted by my KFOR troops and the strong dialogue and cooperation we have forged among the stakeholders”.

Kosovo Force, as established by the United Nations Security Council resolution 1244, will continue impartially to enhance a safe and secure environment and to maintain freedom of movement all around the Kosovo, ensuring stability and safety in Kosovo for the benefits of all Kosovo people.

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