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Pristina, Kosovo. Deputy Commander Allied Joint Force Command Naples, Lieutenant General Alain J. Parent, paid a two day visit to Kosovo at KFOR HQ in Pristina.

Welcomed by COM KFOR, General Guglielmo Luigi Miglietta, DCOM JFCNP was briefed by the international HQ Staff on the latest developments in the current security and political situation in Kosovo as well as the wider Balkans region. The main topics of the meeting were: the improvement of the overall security situation in Kosovo, the migration flow in the Balkans and the foreign fighters’ threats.

General Miglietta and General Parent then flew to Northern Kosovo and they visited the Austerlitz Bridge in Mitrovica, where General Parent was updated on its recent refurbishment.

General Parent had also the opportunity to meet troops on the ground belonging to the Joint Regional Detachment operating with the non-kinetic assets of the Liaison and Monitoring Teams (LMTs). LMTs provide KFOR with a "situational awareness”, through liaison activity with local institutions, International Organizations and especially with the local population. They conduct daily monitoring activities in order to get the pulse of the economic, social and political situation. This activity contributes significantly to improving the relationships among all the communities in the area and also to enhance KFOR’s credibility amongst the population.

At Camp Nothing Hill, Multinational Battle Group East forward command post, General Parent was briefed on the activities conducted mostly along the Administrative Boundary Line in the northern part of the Kosovo. The two Battle Groups belonging to KFOR are military units at the level of a regiment, consisting of multinational companies. These companies are highly mobile, flexible and rapidly deployable to potential trouble spots all over Kosovo.

General Parent expressed his appreciation to the KFOR troops for their commitment to advancing the progress made so far.

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