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Pristina, Kosovo. The MSU CIMIC team completed a donation project for the "Durdevak" kindergarten of Caglavica village, in the Municipality of Gracanica.

The project started by collecting funds through the recent joint forces sporting event "Run for Charity", organized by MSU on the 15th November at camp "Film City".

Col. Paolo Coletta, Commander of the Carabinieri Multinational Specialized Unit (MSU), represented by Lt. Col. Luciano Ricciardi – MSU Chief of Staff - delivered kitchen appliances, furniture and a laptop for the needs of 39 Kosovar Serbian children.

The delivery of the materials took place at the presence of representatives of the Municipality of Gracanica and the Director of kindergarten Dr. Verica Arsic. Dr. Arsic thanked the Carabinieri for the donation and highlighted the benefits this donation will have for the children.

The project started on 22nd October, after a MSU CIMIC Team surveyed the "Durdevak" Kindergarten and pointed out the urgency of furniture and teaching aids.

The Municipality of Gracanica, despite construction works beginning in 1998, failed to complete the project, due to the lack of funds, and handed over the structure in 2010, without furniture.

Thanks to voluntary contributions previously, the Carabinieri of MSU contingent delivered a TV and a DVD player on 13th November as teaching aids for the institute.

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