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Pristina, 24 September 2014. The Commander of KFOR, Major General Francesco Paolo FIGLIUOLO, has been received yesterday by the Albanian Chief of Defence, Major General Jeronim BAZO, in Tirana.

General FIGLIUOLO highlighted the excellent relations between the Albanian Armed Forces and KFOR, and he also expressed his appreciation for the outstanding contribution of the NATO Albanian staff officers to the KFOR HQ.

In this regard General FIGLIUOLO emphasized the excellent cooperation between the Albanian Authorities and KFOR, confirmed by the prompt authorization given last week, to allow a KFOR helicopter to overfly the Albanian territory for a search and rescue operation.

In the wake of the comprehensive approach policy established by the previous KFOR Commander, this meeting has been held as part of the High Level Talks agenda based on regular engagements with the Chiefs of Defence of the various countries bordering of KFOR Area of Responsibility. This represents an effective opportunity to exchange information and points of view on the overall security situation in the Balkans area.

On this occasion General FIGLIUOLO met also the Albanian Minister of Defence, Ms Mimi KHODELI.

They discussed important themes mainly related to the overall situation in Kosovo and the latest political developments and they agreed about the importance of cooperation in order to enhance the security situation in the region.

In particular General FIGLIUOLO and Minister KHODELI evaluated a possible agreement for the implementation of the already tested procedures related to the air space for operational activities.

COM KFOR underlined the improvement in the security situation after the Belgrade – Pristina agreement and confirmed the continuous effort of the NATO mission to contribute to a safer and securer environment and freedom of movement.

Minister KHODELI confirmed the full support of his Country to NATO KFOR mission in Kosovo.

In addition, General FIGLIUOLO met with the Albanian Minister of Interior, Mr Samir TAHIRI. They agreed on the importance of KFOR, as the third responder, to support Kosovo Police and EULEX, within their role of first and second responder in maintaining a safe and secure environment and freedom of movement in the area of operations.

In Tirana General FIGLIUOLO had the opportunity to speak to the Italian Ambassador to Albania, H.E. Massimo GAIANI.

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