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Last night at about 21:40 a KFOR convoy performing a logistic movement, was involved in a car accident in the vicinity of Prelez I Jerlive, south Kosovo.

The unit was returning to its home base as part of routine troop movements when the accident occurred.

A civilian (1) is confirmed dead following the road traffic accident. The other three (3) passengers of the same civilian vehicle were also injured.

There were two other civilian vehicles also involved in the accident but, fortunately, without any injures to the passengers.

Eight (8) KFOR personnel were also injured in the accident.

All the involved personnel, civilian and military, received immediate medical treatment on the spot by the KFOR medical team who were part of the convoy and later were transported to the nearest civilian and military Hospital for further medical care.

Kosovo Police, in cooperation with KFOR International Military Police, were present at the scene.

The cause of the accident is currently being investigated by International Military Police in cooperation with the Kosovo Police.

Commander of KFOR, Major General Salvatore Farina, expressed his deepest condolences to the deceased’s familiy for the unexpected loss.

The families of the injured soldiers were informed.

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