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Kosovo Force conducted a change of command ceremony between Major General Salvatore FARINA and Major General Francesco Paolo FIGLIUOLO at Camp Film City Pristina, Kosovo on September 3, 2014.

The ceremony was attended by Adm. Mark E. FERGUSON III, Commander of Allied Joint Force Command in Naples, and President of Kosovo ATIFETE JAHJAGA.

Admiral Ferguson thanked General Farina for the important results achieved while pursuing his motto "More Together”.

Admiral Ferguson stated, "I have personally been impressed with your calm judgement, professionalism, and ability to reach out across the spectrum of religious, political, and military leaders to find solutions to complex issues.”

After that Admiral Ferguson welcomed General FIGLIUOLO and wished him all the best for his command of KFOR XIX.

General Farina, in his speech, expressed his gratitude to NATO higher Commanders Admiral CLINAGN and Admiral FERGUSON for their guidance and their support. He also thanked the Italian Chief of Defence, Admiral Luigi BINELLI MANTELLI for his generous trust and copious support.

"KFOR XVIII witnessed a great deal progress, the removal of many obstacles and the opening of many doors and the building of many bridges, not only physical but more importantly social and psychological”, said General Farina.
"All KFOR soldiers, commanders and I have been particularly honoured to have worked so closely in such productive way. Our motto More Together expressed itself in the way we operated”, concluded General Farina.

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