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Novo Selo, Kosovo, July 10th 2014 - The KFOR Commander, Major-General Salvatore FARINA presided over the Change of Command of the Joint Regional Detachment North (JRD-N) that was held this morning at "Camp de Lattre de Tassigni” in Novo Selo.

Colonel Christian STEINER replaced Colonel Patric GAUCHAT.The event was attended by several representatives of International organizations, as well as local civilian and religious authorities, representing the different ethnic groups of Kosovo.

The JRD-N, multinational unit is led by a Swiss Commander and is made up of military personnel from Switzerland, Greece and Slovenia.

JRD-N operates in the Northern part of Kosovo, with non-kinetic assets named Liaison and Monitoring Teams. Their main task is contributing to KFOR "Situational awareness”, through a liaison activity with the local institutions, International organizations and local population.

The intense activity of Key Leader Engagement with political and religious authorities and the representatives of several ethnic groups enabled the achievement of KFOR Mission.

These activities contributed significantly to improve the relationships between the Serbian and Albanian communities.

During the ceremony COM KFOR awarded Colonel GAUCHAT with the KFOR NATO "non-article five” Peace Mission Medal and praised his high professionalism. He welcomed the new JRD-N Commander Colonel Christian STEINER and wished him all the best.

Major-General Salvatore FARINA praised Colonel GAUCHAT for his exceptional and outstanding performance as JRD-N Commander in one of the most sensitive areas of Kosovo.

COM KFOR also underlined that JRD-N with its LMT, under the command of Colonel GAUCHAT, oversaw the introduction of the tax system at the border between Serbia and Kosovo, oversaw 4 municipal elections and the Kosovo Wide Parliamentary elections, Liaison and Monitoring Teams were on the scene through many crisis incidents in the North to ensure they did not escalate into inter-ethnic violence ensuring good international cooperation.

"I want to express my appreciation for your service and professionalism’, COM KFOR said, referring to Colonel GAUCHAT and your fellow soldiers for the excellent manner in which they supported KFOR and each other in order to achieve ‘’More Together’’.

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