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Pristina, 16 July 2014.

Deputy Supreme Allied Command Europe (DSACEUR), General Sir Adrian BRADSHAW, visited HQ KFOR at Camp "Film City” in Pristina.

Welcomed by Deputy COM KFOR, General Anton WESSELY, DSACEUR was briefed by the international HQ Staff on the latest development in the current security and political situation in Kosovo as well as the wider Balkans region.

The main topics of the meeting were: the improvement of the overall security situation in Kosovo, the last parliamentary elections held on June 08th during which KFOR contributed to guarantee a safe and secure environment, the recent situation in MITROVICA after the removal of the barricade and the building of the "Garden of Peace” and the St. VITUS Day’s celebration’s on June 28th carried out in a peaceful and orderly manner.

During the visit, General BRADSHAW had a meeting with the Minister of Kosovo Security Force (KSF), Mr. CEKU and Lieutenant General KASTRATI, KSF Commander.

General BRADSHAW visited the Units operating in the North, Camp CABRA, Gate 1, Camp Nothing Hill and Operation Post 31, where he attended a briefing on the current operational situation.

General BRADSHAW had also the occasion to visit Multinational Battle Group West and the DECANE monastery where he met the Abbot of the DECANI orthodox monastery, Father Sava JANJIC.

On completion of his tour to KFOR, Deputy Supreme Allied Command Europe, General Sir Adrian BRADSHAW met in Camp "Film City” the Ambassadors of France, German, Italy, United Kingdom and United States.

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