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04th December 2014 – Today KFOR Commander, Major General Francesco Paolo Figliuolo, has been in the Former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia (FYROM) for a meeting with the Ministry of Defence, the Ministry of Interior and the Chief of Defence.

In his first meeting KFOR Commander discussed with the Chief of Defence, Lieutenant General Goranco Koteski, about the overall security situation in the area. General Figliuolo had the opportunity to underline the important contribution made by FYROM services-members deployed in overseas missions, and above all the support provided to KFOR by FYROM as Host Nation, especially for logistic purposes.

Afterwards General Figliuolo met with the Ministry of Defence, H.E. Zoran Jolevski. The topics of their meeting were focused on the current security situation in Kosovo, where KFOR ensure compliance with UN resolution 1244. It was also pointed out the great importance of mutual cooperation in order to enhance the stability and the overall security through dialogue and cooperation with all the interlocutors in the western Balkans.

 Furthermore KFOR Commander had a meeting with the Ministry of Interior, H.E. Gordana Jankuloska, in which he highlighted the important collaboration and support given by FYROM. In order to ensure the successful normalization of the operational environment along the border, it was also revised an agreement on the matter.

 Finally General Figliuolo had also the opportunity to speak to the Italian Ambassador to FYROM, H.E. Ernesto Massimino Bellelli.

 These meetings are part of the agenda of the High Level Talks conducted in line with the Military Technical Agreement (MTA), known as the Kumanovo Treaty.

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