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September 29, 2014. KFOR Commander, Major General Francesco Paolo Figliuolo, met this morning with the Ambassador of Turkey to Kosovo, H.E. Songul Ozan, at the Turkish Embassy in Pristina.

The topics of the discussion were the overall situation in Kosovo and the progress achieved in the dialogue between Pristina and Belgrade.

The meeting held in Pristina, was an opportunity for General Figliuolo to underline the traditional presence of Turkey in the region and, nowadays in particular, the crucial role played by Turkey in the field of economic development of the entire territory and the professional and considerable contribution given to KFOR in ensuring a stable and secure environment in Kosovo.

Currently, Turkey is one of the most important Contributing Nations to KFOR with more than 350 soldiers deployed in Kosovo, operating in KFOR Headquarters, Joint Regional Detachment-South (JRD-S) as leader Nation, JRD-Center with a Liaison Monitoring team and with a Company in the Multinational Battle Group East.

COM KFOR and the Turkish Ambassador agreed on the importance of KFOR's contribution, as the third responder, to support Kosovo Police, EULEX and all local and international organizations and in maintaining a safe and secure environment and freedom of movement throughout Kosovo according to the United Nations Security Council resolutions 1244.

 This meeting follows other similar ones held by the KFOR Commander for a comprehensive approach to the overall Kosovo situation.

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