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On 18th January 2014, COMKFOR, Major General Salvatore FARINA, presided over the farewell ceremony in Camp Latre de Tassigny in NOVO SELO, to mark the withdrawal of the Moroccan contingent from Kosovo.

Many distinguished visitors were present at the ceremony including Mr. Farid ZARIF the United Nations Secretary-General’s Special Representative and Head of the United Nations Interim Administration Mission in Kosovo, and Ms Maryse DAVIET French ambassador in Kosovo.
During the ceremony  COM KFOR awarded  10  Moroccan soldiers with the KFOR NATO "non-article five” Peace Mission Medal and praised their high professionalism.
Morocco was present in KFOR, since the beginning of the mission in 1999, as one of the most important contributing Nations.
More than 11000 Moroccan soldiers served in Kosovo during 14 years of presence in KFOR  to ensure a safe and secure environment to the population of all ethnic and religious groups.
The Moroccan military’s deployments in Kosovo have been an exceptional example of people in a multinational organization. Moroccan contingent, composed by 173 soldiers, belongs to Multinational Battle Group Est and had a close partnership with the French contingent.
The Moroccan contribution to KFOR was a success story, Moroccan contingent contributed to bring peace and stability in the Balkan area supporting the dialog and promoting progress for all people of Kosovo.
During his speech Maj. Gen. FARINA pointed out: I want to express my appreciation for the service, professionalism and the outstanding manner  which  the Moroccan contingent has supported KFOR by doing more together.
The great result of NATO mission has been reached developing a strong partnership with the various institutions in Kosovo, the international community and the different minorities and ethnicities, KFOR will continue its mission with main focus in the North, consolidating the very positive results so far achieved and promoting progress for all the people in Kosovo.

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