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PRISTINA, Kosovo. 18 December 2013 – The Slovenian Minister of Defense Mr. Roman JAKIČ, visited the Slovenian KFOR contingent in Kosovo.

Minister Jakič had a meeting with the Minister for the Kosovo Security Forces Agim Ceku, and then he moved to PEJE/PEC to meet the Slovenian contingent, in Camp Villaggio Italia where two companies are stationed.

Later, during the afternoon, Minister JAKIČ was welcomed to KFOR HQ by Major-General Salvatore FARINA (COM KFOR).

Major-General FARINA and Minister JAKIČ discussed the current political and security situation in KOSOVO and in the Balkans region, the latest developments and the evolution of the KFOR mission and the important contribution that the Slovenian Defence Forces makes to KFOR.

COM KFOR briefed the Slovenian Minister of Defence on the KFOR mission, highlighting the most important steps for the implementation of the agreement between Pristina and Belgrade in order to achievenormalisation.

Major-General FARINA outlined the security plan performed during the municipal elections. This security plan enabled the safe conduct of the elections particularly in the north where KFOR's main effort was concentrated.

Mr. Roman JAKIČ expressed his appreciation to KFOR for the significant contribution made to security and stability in this sensitive European area.

Major-General FARINA thanked the Slovenian Minister of Defence for the robust and qualified support of the Slovenian contingent comprising of 323 military personnel throughout KFOR plus special assets and helicopters.

At the end of his visit Minister JAKIČ met members of the Slovenian contingent in Camp Film City, Pristina, where he shared Christmas and seasonal greetings with the Slovenian soldiers.

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