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International Military Police - The heartbeat of MP activities in KFOR


The International Military Police (IMP) consists of MP elements from 4 different nations with soldiers from the Austrian, Swiss and Polish contingent supported by multinational MP from Latvia. The IMP is under the command of the Force Provost Marshal (FPM) who reports directly to COM KFOR. The Force Provost Marshal coordinates all of Military Police activities in KFOR. The IMP are located in both Camp FILM CITY and in Camp NOVO SELO. The heartbeat of the IMP is the IMP Station Desk which is located in CFC. The desk is operational 24/7 and dispatches the patrols theater-wide for incidents and emergencies related to KFOR personnel and installations. If Military Police assistance is needed day or night, the IMP Desk can be reached 24/7 at he following the phone number 048 100 821. 

The tasks of IMP can be categorized into four distinct functions or operations; 

  • Policing Function
  • Mobility Support Function
  • Security Function
  • Detention Function 

The Policing function includes law enforcement by preventive and deterrent policing actions, which may include for example speed control checks, vehicle and documentation checks and MP investigations. The IMP contributes to the maintenance of good order and discipline through ensuring compliance with laws and regulations, by conducting checks and monitoring the behavior of KFOR members. With the mobility support operations IMP ensure that KFOR units quickly and safely reach their destinations. Mobility support involves route reconnaissance and surveillance, intelligence collection and reporting, and convoy escorts and movement support. 

The Security function includes all measures with which IMP supports the security and protection of KFOR members and installations. These include measures for both personnel security and event security and protection of property and equipment. The detention function means that the IMP provide specialised planning and advice and oversight for the correct handling and processing of detained persons in accordance with applicable international conventions and laws. 

Additionally, the IMP conducts joint MP patrols with multinational Military Police from the USA, Slovenia and Italian Carabinieri in accordance with the Regional Command East, West and the Multinational Support Unit. In summary, IMP is here to support every KFOR unit commander and every KFOR member in police related situations, whenever and wherever KFOR military police are needed.

Story by: 
IMP Station Commander

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