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Job Description


Post no.: KHQ MOO 0080
Headquarters: HQ KFOR
Job title: TA & Social Media Analyst
Nationality: National or legal resident of Kosovo
Date of validation: 11-May-2021 Service: Civilian
Duty location: Pristina Grade: LCH-6


The Psychological Operations (PSYOPS) Section provides PSYOPS support, advises COMKFOR and the Command Group, conducts theatre assessments, controls the development, production and dissemination of all PSYOPS products at the Theatre level, and coordinates the efforts of all the subordinated Units Psychological Support Element's acting in the theatre. Operations & Plans office is a significant part of PSYOPS.

The incumbent covers many subjects that require different levels of intellectual ability and requires considerable analytical skills and continuity within the post.

Section Head (TAAD)

1. Provides detailed analysis of media reports and prepares detailed comments and analysis for SO (TAAD)
2. Monitors electronic media, social media, newspapers, production products and provides translation services from local language(s) into English language.
3. Prepares statistical and content analysis for KFOR related reports, as well as the overall situation in Kosovo.
4. Provides various reports and/or summaries of analysis to the attention of SO (TAAD).
5. Provides assistance on media, collection, processing and interaction with production section under the coordination of Section Head (TAAD).
6. Monitor and report on Social Media trends and posts from Kosovo sites.
7. Evaluate media opinions/attitudes and identification of trends.
8. Analyze/monitor media reporting/perceptions affecting KFOR mission.
9. Assist TAA Section staff in the process of testing PSYOPS products by offering cultural advise on PSYOPS products, identifying and recommending testing locations and if determined necessary take deployments to testing locations.
10. Identify and attend conferences, workshops, debates etc. in AOO IOT offer a thorough understanding from a PSYOPS perspective of the current trends in target audiences' perceptions, attitudes and behaviors.
11. Perform periodic assessment of the information environment to determine the most appropriate open sources for monitoring and collection of information on various topics of PSYOPS interest.
12. Maintain an updated database of all analytical products developed IOT ensure timely retrieval of information required by the TAA staff ISO assessment and analysis process.

▪ May be required to undertake operational deployments and/or TDY assignments both within and outside NATO's boundaries.
▪ The incumbent may be required to perform similar duties elsewhere within the organisation as directed.
▪ Performs other duties as directed.

1. Professional Experience:
▪ Minimum 4 years' experience in the professional field of different media (written and electronic, local,
national and international).

2.Education / Training:
▪ University degree in Journalism and Mass Communication, Public Affairs.

3. Security Clearance:
Certificate of No Criminal Record

4. Language:
English: Good
Serbian: Very Good

5. Standard Automated Data Processing (ADP) Knowledge:
Word processing: Intermediate knowledge
Spreadsheets: Intermediate knowledge
Presentation: Intermediate knowledge
Database: Intermediate knowledge

1. Professional Experience:
▪ Basic cultural knowledge of target audience.
▪ Previous working experience in an international or military environment.

2.Education / Training:
▪ Completion of advanced vocational courses/trainings in broadcast communications or related field.

3. Language:
English: Very Good

4. Standard Automated Data Processing (ADP) Knowledge:
Word processing: Intermediate knowledge
Spreadsheets: Basic knowledge
Presentation: Intermediate knowledge
Database: Basic knowledge

Personal Attributes:
Actively influencing events rather than passively accepting; sees opportunities and acts on them. Originates action. Ability to maintain social, organisational, and ethical norms in job-related activities. Ability to evaluate data and courses of action and to research logical decisions.
Unbiased, rational approach. Ability to pick out important information in oral communications. Questioning and general reactions indicate to speaker 'active' listening. Ability to analyse, organise and present numerical data, i.e., financial or statistical. Capacity to perceive the impact and implications of decisions and activities on other parts of the organisation. Ability to establish efficient and appropriate course of action for self and/or others to accomplish goal. Stability of performance under pressure and/or opposition. Ability to make controlled responses in stressful situations. Willingness to participate as a full member of team of which the jobholder is not necessarily leader; effective contributor even when team is working on something of no direct personal interest.

Problem Solving:
Requirement to evaluate and solve patterned and interpretative problems involving daily or new issues. Problems resulting out of similar or different situations require interpretation of the situation, analysis and a choice between several options.

Managerial Responsibilities:
No managerial or supervisory responsibilities involved.

Professional Contacts:
Regular professional contacts inside or outside own activity in the execution of various tasks.
Contacts may involve providing information, advice or low level guidance on simple issues. May also be required to discuss and negotiate at own level.

Contribution to the Objectives:
The work covers many similar and/or dissimilar tasks that require personal and intellectual skills within the same subject area. Although clear guidance and standard rules/regulations are available, some ability to analyze and solve problems is needed to deal with specific issues.
Performance of duties indirectly impacts the objectives, efficiency, image and the financial resources of the HQ.

Impact of Work Environment:

The work environment has no direct negative effect on the work performed, such as a standard office environment.


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