Brigadier General CSOMBÓK János (OF-6)
HUN General Staff, Head of the Force Planning Directorate 

Starting a cadetship in 1987 at the Military College Armoured faculty in Hungary BG CSOMBOK was promoted to 2nd Lieutenant in 1990 and became an Armoured Platoon Leader. He served six years as Armoured Company Commander and 4 years as Mechanised Infantry Battalion Commander. During his junior officer ranks age he attended the Company Commander and Battalion Commander course in the German Armoured School in Munster.

From 1998 to 2000 he attended the National Defence University in Hungary and gained a Master degree in Operational Art and Military Leadership. In 2002 he attended an English Language Course in Great Britain at York Saint John College. Following his Battalion Commander time in 2004 he assumed the position of NATO Liaison Officer in the office of the HUN CHOD. In 2006 he was selected to attend the 3rd German National Joint General Staff Course (LGAN 06). After graduation in 2008 he deployed to KFOR and served 7 months as deputy G3 in Multinational Task Force West.

In 2010 he was promoted to Colonel and assumed the position of Chief of the Operations Branch in the HUN General Staff. During the years of 2012-2013 he was the acting head of Operations Department in the Hungarian GS. At this position he was responsible for the Hungarian Defence Forces’ deployments and gained experience in the strategic planning and multilateral negotiations of different missions especially ISAF. From 2013 to 2016 he served as the Deputy National Military Representative for Hungary at SHAPE. He has assumed his current position in December 2016 and has been promoted to Brigadier General in 2017 by the President of Hungary.

BG CSOMBOK attended several NATO courses in Oberammergau amongst them the Staff Officer Course, the Operational Planning Course and the Senior Officers Information Operations course. He also attended the Steadfast Pyramid exercise in 2014 organised for senior NATO leaders.

He has been awarded with 15 national and international decorations.

He speaks at advanced proficiency German and English (STANAG

In his spare time he enjoys doing sport including running, soccer and martial art.