Brigadier General Christian RIENER (12 Jan 1967)
Austrian Armed Forces 

designated DCOM KFOR 2016/17

Participant at the Generals, Flag Officers and Ambassadors Course’ NDC in Rome

2011 – Current:
Commanding the Austrian 4th Mechanized Infantry Brigade

Participant at the International Higher Military Leadership course in Hamburg NATO School Oberammergau

2007 – 2011:
Head of the tactical education and training section at the NDA (National Defence Academy) in Vienna and course director of the Senior Leadership Course 3

2004 – 2007:
Chief of staff and deputy commander of the Austria 4th Mechanized Infantry Brigade

2003 – 2004:
Teacher in operations and tactics at the NDA Vienna

2000- 2003:
Student of the 16th national joint command and general staff course at NDA and studies in political science at the University of Vienna (Master Degree)

Company Commander mechanized infantry, antitank and headquarters companies as well as staff Officer S1 battalion level and military assistant to the battalion commander

1990 – 1993:
Student at the Austrian Military Academy

1986 – 1990:
Conscript and non commissioned officer as sniper, squad and platoon leader in an Infantry Regiment

Mission experience:

• 1 homeland defence mission at the border to Yugoslavia (1991)
• 7 missions as squad, platoon and company commander in border surveillance and security missions (1990 – 2000)
• 1 disaster relief mission (2006)

• Branch head Chief G2/MNTF in EUFOR/ALTHEA Bosnia (2006 – 2007)
• ACOS J5 HQ KFOR and Austrian KFOR Contingent Commander (2010 – 2011)
• ACOS J9 in the EUBG II/2012 Ulm (2012)

International Exercises as COM Brigade
• Cooperative Longbow FYROM (2012)
• Crystal Eagle Germany and Poland (2013)
• Combined Joint Staff Exercise Sweden (2016)