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Command Sergeant Major

Command Sergeant Major Cengiz Yilmaz

Command Sergeant Major Cengiz YILMAZ was assigned as 28th Sergeant Major of the NATO Kosovo Force as of October 10, 2023. He acts as an advisor to COMKFOR and COS on all OR matters such as policy, morale and welfare.

He was born and raised in Ankara/Türkiye. Before he enlisted into the Turkish Army, he completed Army Artillery Branch School following graduating from NCO Preparatory School in 1991. After working various branches within the army as platoon leader, commando team leader and company admin NCO, he was selected to the Army Intelligence Branch in 2000.

Upon completing of national intelligence branch school in 2001, he has been assigned to the national and NATO posts for 23 years. While he was serving to the Army and NATO he also continued the academic career and he earned bachelor degree (Public Administration) in 2001 and master degree on International Security and Terrorism in 2023. He is currently PhD candidate for International Relations for 2024.

His assignments in his military career are respectively; Turkish Land Forces HQ NATO Intel System Manager/Ankara (Current), TAF Intel School Basic Intel and HUMINT Lecturer/Ankara (2021-2022), Army 7th Corps G2 Chief Admin/Diyarbakır (20192021), NAGSF Admin Chief to COM NAGSF Sigonella/ltaly (2016-2019), NRDC-T/ SIGINT & Current ops Analyst and HUMINT Team Leader (2007-2016), Army 4th Armoured Brigade G2 CUSCY NCO/Erzurum (2003-2007), Army Main Supply Center S2 Chief Security & CI/Niğde, and various tasks within the Army such as Coy NCO, Commando Team Leader, Artillery Platoon Leader (1991-2001). He was deployed to the ISAF mission for 18 months, KFOR mission for 7 months and US Exercise Center in Germany for 3 months. He has almost completed national and NATO intelligence related course and training certificates.

During his military career he is awarded the Graduation and Admission to the NCO Ribbon, Commando Platoon Leader Service Ribbon, Combat Ops Success Ribbon, Homeland Security Ops Success Ribbon, Company NCO Ribbon, Education Success Ribbon, Temporary Abroad Duty Ribbon, Border Security Service Ribbon, Northern Cyprus Service Ribbon, and NATO Permanent Assignment Ribbon, NATO ISAF Service Medal, NATO KFOR Service Medal, NATO IJC Service Medal.

He has been working as Intelligence NCO primarily for NATO Operations Areas for 23 years. With the 32 years' experience serving as both administrative and analyst positions within the J2 Posts, this provides him with a solid understanding of the complexities involved with working within the multi-national environment. His objective is to contribute huge benefits to the NATO and be a role-model for the KFOR young NCOs by using his remarkable experiences.

Sgt.Major YILMAZ is married to Ms. Nevin YILMAZ and has two boys.


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