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Command Sergeant Tamás ZSIROS

Command Sergeant Major

Command Sergeant Ferenc Tenk

Command Sergeant Major Ferenc Tenk was born on 12 August 1977, in Győr, Hungary. He joined the Hungarian Army on 01 November 1996 as a conscript soldier. After he finished his conscript service he continued his military career and was promoted to the rank of sergeant on 15 December 1997. He has served in a numerous of positions at every level from section to battalion.

CSM Tenk was promoted to the rank of sergeant he was assigned as Radar chief operator for the 14th radar battery, 1st. Radar battalion, 64/31st Radar regiment, Hungary, Bezenye.

In 1999 he was assigned as a shift commander and promoted to staff sergeant at the same unit.

By the reorganizing of the Hungarian Defense Forces, in 2001 he was posted to the Garrison Support Headquarters at 12th Air Defense Brigade as a section leader then deputy squad leader of the Guard platoon.

In 2002 he was reassigned as a platoon sergeant of the Garrison Support Units, and he was promoted to sergeant first class.

From 2004 to 2007 he served as a platoon sergeant of the 2nd Air Defense Platoon of the 3rd Air Defense Battery, 2nd Air Defense Battalion, of 12th Air Defense Brigade.

After graduating from advanced NCO leadership course at HDF NCO Academy Szentendre, 2007, sergeant first class Tenk was promoted to first sergeant and assigned as battery sergeant major of the Support Battery of 2nd Air Defense Battalion, 12th Arrabona SAM Wing.

In 2015 on recommendation of the Wing Commander, first sergeant Tenk was deployed to the Medical Centre of the same Wing, and promoted to Command Sergeant Major.

CSM Tenk during his carrier completed all level of Hungarian Army NCO development courses. He successfully accomplished some special courses as quarter master course, road traffic controlling course, elementary PSYOPS training, the European Computer Driving License (ECDL) 7 modules, possesses English Language exams and graduated from the USMC SNCO Advanced Course, class 15

His awards and decorations include NCO Service Medal (10 years of service), NCO Service Medal (20 years of service), Service Medal (bronze grade), Silver Coin of the 12. ARRABONA SAM WING for service and a bronze coin for the 60th birthday of the SAM unit, Service Medal in memory of flood emergency support (two times), and he got gratuity (two times for service, one time for controlling migration situation).

CSM Tenk is married to Melinda and proud father of an 11 year old daughter Tamara.

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