Command Sergeant Major Massimo CONTU
Italian Army

Sergeant Major Massimo CONTU was born on 06 April 1972 in Turin (Italy).

He joined the Italian Army in 1990 and attended the Sergeant School in Viterbo. He was commissioned a Sergeant in 1991. In 1992 he was assigned to the 187° Regiment Paratrooper "FOLGORE” in Livorno where he served as Platoon Commander. From 2004 to June 2014 he served as the Chief of the Intelligence Section. From July 2014 to August 2017 he served at the Embassy of Italy in Qatar as Assistant of Defence Attaché. In September 2017 he was stationed in Pisa at the Italian Special Force Command of the Italian Army as Chief of the Intelligence Section. He was appointed KFOR CSM in November 2018.

As Platoon leader and Specialist in Intelligence he participated in the following missions: "JOINT ENDEAVOUR” Bosnia (1996), "CONSTANT FORGE” Bosnia (1999), "JOINT GUARDIAN” Kosovo (2001), "CONSISTENT EFFORT” Kosovo (2002), "ENDURING FREEDOM” Kwost Province, Afghanistan (2003), "RESERVE FORCE” Kosovo (2004), "ANTICA BABILONIA” Iraq (2005), "LEONTE 2” Lebanon (2007), "ISAF XI” Afghanistan (2008-2009) and "ISAF XVI”, Afghanistan 2011.

His education includes graduation from several courses including Parachutist, Paratrooper Instructor, Jump Master, Pathfinder, Germany Sharp Shooter; US marksmanship rifle; NCO Battle Staff development Course, Africa Southern European Task Force, Counterinsurgency Intelligence Course with the United States; Specialist in Intelligence, Special Operation Task Group in Phullendorf Base (Germany).

His personal awards include:
- Long Command Medal of Merit in Bronze;
- The Silver Medal for Long Parachutist Service;
- The Distinguished Army Service Award (Gold);
- Commemorative Cross for participation in Ex –Yugoslavia;
- Commemorative Cross for participation in – Kosovo;
- Commemorative Cross for participation in – Iraq;
- Commemorative Cross for participation in in Afghanistan;
- The Organization of United Nation Medal for Operation In Lebanon;
- Medal for participation In Humanitarian Missions;
- 1 Commendation and 5 Praises.

Sergeant Major Massimo CONTU was awarded the US Army Parachutist Badge and the German Gold Military Parachute Badge.

CSM Massimo CONTU is married to Alessandra and lives in Pisa. They have two children Valerio and Claudia.