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Command Sergeant Tamás ZSIROS

Command Sergeant Major

Command Sergeant Tamás ZSIROS

CSM Tamás ZSIROS commenced his military carrier as a student at the NCO School, Szentendre, in 1996. He graduated as a sergeant in the reconnaissance specialization in 1998. After graduation, he continued his carrier as Long Range Reconnaissance deputy team leader at the 34. Bercsényi László (LRRS) Battalion at Szolnok, Hungary.

Following his assignment, CSM ZSIROS was appointed LRRS team leader and later platoon sergeant.

Between 2005-2006 he was assigned as a Company 1st.SGT at the LRRS company where he served earlier.

Following the structural changes that formed his LRRS Battalion into a Special Forces Battalion, CSM ZSIROS has appointed a senior training instructor in the SF training team from 2006-2009.

Between 2013-2019 he has assigned as CSM at the Ludovika (officers cadet) Battalion, Budapest.

Upon establishing the Hungarian Defence Forces' new NCO development program CSM ZSIROS was promoted to Deputy Commandant at the NCO Academy, NCO Leadership Center of Excellence, Szentendre, Hungary, in 2020.

CSM ZSIROS was appointed to the KFOR CSM position at the KFOR HQ, Pristina, Kosovo, from October 2021.

Military Education

1996-98 – Formal NCO Academy, Szentendre, Hungary (long-range reconnaissance and training sergeant)

1997 – Basic Parachuting Course, Szolnok, Hungary

2003 – US Army Special Forces Qualification Course, Ft Bragg, NC, USA (distinguished graduate)

2003 – Basic Military Free-fall Course, Szolnok, Hungary

2005 – US Army Special Forces train the trainer course, Szolnok, Hungary

2005 – HK MP5 Operator and Instructor Training, Szolnok, Hungary (led by the US mobile training team)

2005 – USMC, Basic Amphibious Reconnaissance Course, Fort Story, Norfolk, Virginia, USA

2006 - Hungarian Special Forces Qualification Course, Hungary,

2008 - Hungarian SWAT Close Protection (CPT) training, Budapest, Hungary

2009 – NATO Orientation Course, NSO, Oberammergau, Germany

2015 – Command Senior Enlisted Leaders Course, NCO Academy, Szentendre, Hungary

2017 - US Army Sergeant's Major Academy, Ft Bliss, El Paso, Tx, USA (Class 68)

2013-2015-2016-2018-2019 – HUN CSEL Course International Seminar, Balatonakarattya, Hungary

2021- NATO Senior Enlisted Leaders Course, NSO, Oberammergau, Germany


2001-2002 – Hungarian Guard and Security Battalion, Pristina, Kosovo – team leader

2004-2005 – 1. Hungarian Light Infantry Company, Kabul Afghanistan – Platoon sergeant

2007-2008- NATO Military Advisor and Liaison Team, Baghdad- Iraq –Senior Advisor

2008-2009 – Kabul International Airport Commander's Close Protection Team, Kabul, Afghanistan- Team Sergeant

2009-2013 – NATO Rapid Deployable Corps, (NRDC-ITA), Solbiate Olona, Italy – Chief of Support Division, Deputy Chief of Staff, Personal Assistant

2013 – ISAF, International Joint Center, JOC, CIED branch liaison, Kabul, Afghanistan

2014-2015 – EUFOR HQ, Deputy Commander, Chief of Staff, personal assistant, Sarajevo, Bosnia Hercegovina

2021-2022 – KFOR HQ, Pristina, Kosovo, CSM for COM KFOR

Medals and Decorations:

Hungarian Distinguished Service Medal "Silver"

Hungarian Outstanding Service Medal "Silver"

Hungarian Outstanding Service Medal "Bronze"

Hungarian CSEL Course, "Primus Inter Pares" Award

Hungarian Military Service Medal (after 20 years of service)

Hungarian Military Service Medal (after ten years of service)

Hungarian Migration Crisis Management Service Medal

Hungarian Peacekeeping Service Medal

NATO NRDC-ITA "NCO of the Year" Award

NATO NRDC-ITA "NCO Quarter of the Year" Award

NATO Service Medal (NRDC-ITA)

NATO Ribbon (Bosnia and Hercegovina)

NATO Ribbon (Kosovo),

NATO Ribbon (Iraq),

NATO Ribbon (Afghanistan),

US Army NCO Professional Development Ribbon Nr5

US Army Commendation Medal

US Army Achievement Medal

US Army Superior Unit Award

US Army Special Forces Qualification Course "Distinguished International Graduate"

Language Qualification:

English Advanced "C"

English STANAG 3333.

CSM ZSIROS is married to ANITA and has a daughter, BLANKA.

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