Command Sergeant Major Gianluca MATTEI
Italian Army

Command Sergeant Major Gianluca Mattei was born on 3 May 1977 in Lecce (Italy). He joined Army in 1997 as infantrymen at Lagunari Regiment "Serenissima” where he was appointed corporal in 1998.

At the end of the Army Non Commissioned Officer’s School, in 2000, he was assigned to Italian Army Cavalry School as Drill Sergeant, then he joined the 3rd Cavalry Regiment "Savoia Cavalleria” to serve as Platoon Leader and Squadron Sergeant Major. From August to December 2004, he was deployed in Iraq for NATO Operation "Antica Babilonia 5” as Platoon Leader.

From 2005 to 2009 he participated in many NATO exercise campaigns and was deployed twice in Lebanon, taking part to UNIFIL operations "Leonte 3” and "Leonte 7”. As platoon leader, he also participated to the Army homeland security operation "Domino” in Tuscany.

After attending the Italian Army Branch Staff Course, in 2010, he was selected to attend the United States Army Sergeant Majors Academy (USASMA class 61) where he meritoriously graduated on June 2011. Following the successful completion of the USASMA, he was assigned to the Italian Army General Staff, logistic branch, and afterwards as special assistant to the Head of Military Personnel Department.

Before being appointed CSM KFOR, he was stationed in Lecce at the Italian Army Cavalry School as branch assistant at the Personnel Office.

He holds a bachelor degree in Political Science and International Relations from the University of Viterbo.

During his career he also attended several military courses including parachuting, military physical training, basic life support and Army evaluation team.

His personal awards include:

- UNIFIL commemorative medal
- Peace keeping operation commemorative medal
- Italian Commemorative cross for humanitarian mission
- Italian medal for homeland security
- Long service silver medal
- 2 commendations and 4 praises.

SGM Mattei and his spouse Lorena have two lovely daughters Sofia and Asia.