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Command Sergeant Tamás ZSIROS

Command Sergeant Major

Marcello Carlo PAGLIARA

Command Sergeant Major Marcello Carlo PAGLIARA serves as principle advisor on matters affecting non-commissioned members (NCM) in the KFOR HQ.
After attending high school, Sergeant Major PAGLIARA joined the Italian Army in 1985, enlisted with the 59th Non Commissioned Officers Course.
After completing basic training in the NCO School and obtained the administrative diploma he was posted to his first operational unit 101°
Thank Battalion subsequently employed at the 3rd Army Corps in Milan.
In 1996 he was selected for the forming RAPID MULTINATIONAL FORCE (France, Italy, Portugal and Spain) - EUROFOR in Florence.
His military education includes “Non Commissioned Officer Intelligence Course”, “NATO - Joint Targeting Course”, “Humanitarian law for international operators Course”, “NATO - NCO Orientation Course – ADL 169”, “NCO coadjutor at the italian embassy – Courses” and “NATO Command Senior Enlisted Leader Course”.
In 2017 appointed Command Senior Enlisted Leader (Sottufficiale di Corpo) of the then Friuli Division today Vittorio Veneto, attended the CSEL COURSE which represents an important training moment in the context of the Advanced Training process of the category of NCOs of the ITALIAN Armed Force.
In operational theatre, he has deployed:
- in support of NATO operations: Kosovo Force 5, NATO HQ SKOPJE and TAAC WEST HQ in Afghanistan;
- in support of UE operations ALTHEA in North Macedonia and CONCORDIA in Bosnia – Herzegovina,
He was also part of the Advance Party of Prima Parthica Mission – IRAK and held the position of military assistant at the office of the military attaché of Italian Embassy in Lunada, Angola.
His various awards include the Mauriziana Medal, Medaille de la Defense Nationale (FR), German Sports Golden Badge.
CSM Pagliara is an avid BMW motorrad fan and he used to play Rugby as prop, and for some years he has been dedicated to mountain biking.
He is married to Nicoletta.

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