Military Technical Agreement (9 Jun. 1999)

The "Military Technical Agreement" is signed by KFOR and representatives of the Yugoslav Army ("VJ") and Interior Police ("MUP"). This agreement called for the immediate cessation of hostilities and sets the timelines for the withdrawal of Yugoslav forces from Kosovo. This involves the marking and clearing of mine-fields, booby traps and obstacles.
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UN Security Council Resolution 1244 (10 Jun. 1999)

On 10 June the UN Security Council passed UNSCR 1244 welcoming the acceptance by the Federal Republic of Yugoslavia of the principles on a political solution to the Kosovo crisis, including an immediate end to violence and a rapid withdrawal of its military, police and paramilitary forces. The Resolution, adopted by a vote of 14 in favor and none against, with one abstention (China), announced the Security Council's decision to deploy international civil and security presences in Kosovo, under United Nations auspices.
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