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NLO Skopje participates at the Tree Planting event in Petrovec

PETROVIC, Former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia* - Members of the NATO Liaison Office Skopje headed by Chief NLO, Bulgarian Navy Captain Rumen Radev, participated in tree planting organized by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs for the diplomatic corps in the country, December 1, 2015.
The event was organized in the framework of the 16th traditional "The Day of the Tree – Plant Your Future”,of the association of citizen "The Day of the Tree”, sponsored by the host nation government. The planting took place in the Petrovec municipality in the vicinity of the capital Skopje, in the area of the public enterprise "Jasen”.
On behalf of the Minister of Foreign Affairs (MFA), the gathering of international representatives was addressed by the head of the MFA Protocol Department, Mr. Kenan Ramadani. The diplomats were also addressed by the president of the citizens association "The Day of the Tree”, Professor Dr. Kristina Nikolovska, and the mayor of the Petrovec municipality, Mr. Borce Mitevski.
The actual "Day of the Tree”, which is a remarkable event, took place the following day, December 2, wherewith some 3.000.000 seedlings were planted throughout the territory of the host nation. Over the 15 previous cycles of this activity which started in 2005 some 50.000.000 seedlings have been planted.
Story and photos by NLO Skopje
*Turkey recognizes the Republic of Macedonia with its constitutional name

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