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SEEGROUP meet at NLO Skopje

On 8 May 2014 in the Army Hall in Skopje, the Chief of NLO-Sk, Colonel Alexandar Alexandrov with members of the NATO Advisory Team (NAT), had a meeting with the South East Europe Security Cooperation Steering Group (SEEGROUP) to present the main activities and contributions of the NLO Sk.

In the course of the discussion, Colonel Aleksandrov express positive views on the progress of HN on military aspects of Defense Security Sector Reform (DSSR) in order to achieve its integration into NATO. He underlined the importance of professionalization in the army of HN, which represents the base of modernization and a pillar of the process to join NATO, as well the importance of prioritization and rationalization plans in the development of the Long Term Defense Development Plan (LTDDP).
He also stressed the importance of participation in international peace-support operations. At the end he highlighted the challenges of HN in terms of both increasing the rate of the country’s budget takes the Ministry of Defense and the importance of the development of Cyber Defense.
The chairman and members of SEEGROUP have expressed special thanks for the update, and particularly interested in improving of security in the country, for the professionalization of the military forces as well as the ability and availability of helicopters in the country.

The meeting closed with an assurance of open doors communication between the NLO-Sk and SEEGROUP in the future.

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