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NLO Skopje in the First Quarterly Balkans Liaison

The first Quarterly Balkans Liaison Working Group (BLWG) was held at the NATO Military Liaison Office in Belgrade Sept. 15 - 16 2014. The event, launched by the Joint Force Command Naples (JFCN), was attended by delegations from JFC Naples, led by German Army Brig. Gen. Wolfgang Richter, Assistant Chief of Staff J9, Commander of NATO HQ Sarajevo, U.S. Army Brig. Gen. Christopher Petty, the Chief Military Liaison Office Belgrade, Italian Army Brig. Gen. Lucio Batta and the Chief of the NATO Liaison Office Skopje, Bulgaria Navy Capt. Rumen Radev.

The aim of the BLWG was to share ideas and discuss concerns common to all stakeholders among the three NATO structures in the Balkans.

During the meeting the Capt. Radev presented the NATO Liaison Office and the situation regarding the progresses in the field of Defence Sector Reforms in the former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia. An overview on the political, economical and security situation in the Country was also briefed. The same approach was followed by Brigadier Generals Petty and Batta. During the meeting several topics based on finding common actions in order to improve methods of liaising and communicating more efficiently were also discussed.
Thanks to the Brig. Gen. Batta, delegates were given the opportunity to enjoy a cultural tour and appreciate Belgrade's beautiful heritage.

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