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NATO Liaison Office Skopje met Belgian Defense Attaché accredited for the HN

On 24 March 2014, the acting Chief NLO, LTC Marijan Ivanusa and the NAT Governmental Advisor Mr. Valentin Dinevski met the Belgian Defense Attaché, Colonel Jean-Marie Ferber, accredited for the HN while resident in Belgrade. In the course of the meeting, Colonel Jean-Marie Ferber inquired about the state of affairs in the defense and military transformation.
In this context the Long Term Defense Development Plan (LTDD) 2014-2023 was discussed including the level of defense budgeting, the equipment modernization plans, and the helicopter pilot centre. The readiness of the country for NATO membership in the context of the MAP process, the upcoming MAP Assessment Team visit, and the possibility for resolving the outstanding name issue before the September NATO summit were also discussed.
Colonel Jean-Marie Ferber was also interested in the security and political situation in the country in the run-up to the presidential and parliamentary elections. Colonel Jean-Marie Ferber underscored the important role that the NLO Skopje, especially the NATO Advisory Team, play in the country and pledged to sharpen his own focus on the developments here, considering his responsibility for a number of the regional countries, announcing his next visit for some time in May of the current year.

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