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FR Ambassador visits NATO Liaison Office Skopje

On 20 Feb 2014, the France Ambassador to the HN, Mrs. Laurence Auer, accompanied by the France Defence Attaché, Lieutenant Colonel Stephane Loechleiter, and his assistant, visited the premises of NLO Skopje, and met with the Chief, Colonel Aleksandar Aleksandrov, and members of the Office.

During the meeting, Mrs. Auer was familiarized with the structure and terms of reference, and some of the main activities and contributions, of the NATO Advisory Team. In the course of the discussion, Colonel Aleksandrov underlined the importance of the Host Nation Support Coordination Center, as well as his intention of sincere discussion with the France Ambassador regarding the HN situation. Mrs. Auer expressed particular interest in hearing the Office’s assessment of the operational capacity of the country, and stressed that the Balkans are considered important for European safety, stability and security.
Mr. Loechleiter focused on the Office’s perception of the current situation of the Public Affairs Regional Center (PARC), the BRAAD initiative efforts, and also the HN bilateral engagements and post-ISAF participation. It was agreed that the FR embassy can, and will, assist any capability-building activities proposed by the NLOSk for the HN, for example in the area of national Cyber Defence. The meeting closed with an assurance of more frequent and open cooperation between the FR Embassy and NLOSk in the future.

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