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Chief of NLO Skopje met the Defence Minister of the Host Nation

On 18 July 2014, the Chief of the NLO Skopje, Captain (N) Rumen Radev, met with the newly appointed Minister of Defence (MoD), Mr. Zoran Jolevski.

The Chief of the NLOSk, Captain (N) Rumen Radev, emphasized that the continued cooperation with the MoD is on a high level, and the visits both by HN President and Prime Minister in 2013 was a proof for this mutual and fruitful cooperation. He underlined that the participation of the HN to ISAF mission is highly appreciated, as well as the contribution to EU operation ALTHEA in Bosnia and Herzegovina and to the EU Battle Group for the 2nd half of 2014.
He stated that MoD Regional Public Affairs Centre in the HN, which was accepted as NATO Partnership Training Centre, is highly valued, as well as the support to KFOR, through the HNSCC (HN Support Coordination Center) and transit routes.
The Defence Minister, Mr. Zoran Jolevski, stressed that the strategic goals of the HN, are the full fledged membership of NATO and EU and that the activities they are undertaking underline this very fact. He also mentioned that the HN highly appreciates the support and advice of the NATO Liaison Office, considering the fact that the HN works and aspires on further developing in accordance with the standard of the Alliance.

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