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Chief NLO Skopje participated and delivered speech at George Marshal

The Chief of NATO Liaison Office Skopje, Bulgaria Navy Captain Rumen Radev, participated in the "NATO Post Gwent: Future of the Alliance and Regional Stability of the Western Balkans”, conference organized by George C Marshal Centre in the host nation Sept. 11, 2014.
The forum took place in Ohrid. Zoran Jolevski, Minister of Defence; Prof. Stojan Slavevski PhD, President of the Macedonian Marshall Center; Dean Dwigans, director of the European George Marshall Alumni Program, and approximately 30 experts from other countries in the region to include university professors, politicians and representatives of the diplomatic core in the host nation all took
part in the conference.

During the event Capt. Radev delivered a speech speaking about the convenience of this forum, taking place after the NATO Wales Summit to reaffirm and further promote Euro-Atlantic values. He stressed the meaning of this Summit is the future of the Organization and regional and global peace and security. He also mentioned the armed forces of the member states should meet the NATO agreed guidelines for deployability and sustainability.
The Chief NLO Sk also elaborated on the continuing development of capabilities to defend Europe against ballistic missile attack through the ballistic missile shield. He pointed out that NATO reaffirmed its continued commitment to the security of Afghanistan and is concerned by growing instability in the Middle East (the threats directly posed by the so called Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant -ISIS).

Captain Radev stated,"Concerning security and defence reforms, NATO expects further improvements in the organization and structure of the overall defence and security system of the country and in the development of prioritized modernization projects”.

At the end, Captain Radev underlined that the country has always had the full support of the NLO Sk, which has assisted and helped make its eventual accession to NATO, smoother.

(Pictures are from the website of MoD of the HN, http://www.morm.gov.mk/)

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