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Brigadier General David Humar

David Humar was born on November 26, 1968 in ҆empeter, Nova Gorica, Republic of Slovenia.
He joined the military in 1983. He graduated at the Military High School as an infantry NCO. He finished the Military Academy as an infantry and intelligence officer. He obtained the degree of Master of Science in National Resource Strategy at NDU-ICAF. He concluded several education and training programs, such as Military High School, Military Academy, Mechanized Platoon Leader Course, S3 Course, Battalion Commander Course, General Staff Program, US Industrial College of the Armed Forces in USA NDU and GFOAC on NATO Defense College.
Military career and duties
Instructor in NCO School, Reconnaissance Platoon Leader, Staff officer for training in District Command, Infantry battalion XO, Teacher and XO of the Officer Training School, Commandant of the Officer Training School, Commandant of the Command and Staff School, Commandant of the Military Education Centre, Assistant of Chief of Defence of Slovenian Armed Forces for Manpower and Education / Chief of J1/J7, Adviser NATO HQ Sarajevo for Defense Reform in BiH, Assistant of Chief of Defence of Slovenian Armed Forces for Defense Planning, Slovenian National Military Representative to SACEUR. Including the above listed duties he was assigned on duties such as Company and Battalion Commander.
He has taught tactics and military management at the Officer Training School and Command and Staff School respectively. Since 1998, he has instructed Operation Art at the Command and Staff School. He is also the author of the Slovenian Armed Forces field manual: Infantry Platoon and Company Tactics and Techniques.

Major Awards and Decorations
Gold medal of General Maister, Gold medal of the Slovenian Armed Forces.
He was promoted to rank of Brigadier in May 2009 and in May 2010 he took over the position of Commander NATO HQ Skopje and Senior Military Representative.
Additional to Slovenian he speaks English, Italian, Serb-Croat.
He is married and has three children.

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