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Jan 31 2020

NLO Skopje participates in National Action Plan for Women, Peace and Security Meeting

30 January 2020, Skopje, Ministry of Defence of North Macedonia

Today in the Ministry of Defence, NLO Skopje’s Ms. Marijana Mukaetova participated in an initial meeting of inter departmental working group that will develop the National Action Plan for implementation of the UN Security Council’s Resolution  1325 for Women, Peace and Stability. Beside NLO Skopje the Office of the UN Women in Skopje, the OSCE Mission and relevant None-Governmental Organizations also took part in the meeting.

The meeting was opened the Chief of Cabinet of the Minister of Defence, Katerina Stavreska and she stressed the significance of adopting this document and informed on all undertaken measures and activities to improve the gender equality in the Ministry of Defence and the Army and the achieved progress in the past year.

The inter-departmental working group is supported with expertise provided by the British Advisor Abigail Austin, renowned international expert in defence issues that has long and significant experience in the gender perspectives in defence and security.

The British Advisor, Ms. Abigail Austin presented the plan which encompasses the time frame sand the goals of each activity. The next phase entails meeting with institutions, civil organization and regional workshops in order to assess the requirements for certain contents in the Action Plan.

The development of the second plan is an obligation that derives from the NATO Membership Plan for North Macedonia and it will be developed for a five year period.

Story by NLO Skopje DM

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