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Nov 28 2019

Deputy Prime Minister and Foreign Minister meet with NLO Skopje before the Leader's meeting in London

Deputy Prime Minister and Foreign Minister of North Macedonia coordinate with NATO Liaison Office Skopje Team before NATO Leader’s Meeting in London

28 Nov, 2019, Skopje North Macedonia

On 28 November 2019, Chief NATO Liaison Office Skopje and his team met with the Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Defence Radmila Sekerinska and Foreign Minister Nikola Dimitrov of the Republic of North Macedonia to coordinate before the Leader’s meeting in London scheduled for 3-4 December, 2019.

The two Ministers expressed their gratitude to NATO Liaison Office Skopje, present and former teams, for their continuous and unselfish assistance and dedication to the NATO integration process.

Furthermore, they agreed on deepening the cooperation in these months before the country receives its full membership and the readiness for overcoming the challenges that may arise therein. They informed of the amended draft Defence Law and integrating Article 5 from the North Atlantic Treaty within, as well as the budget increase with the declared 0.2 of the GDP for defence.

At the end Chief NATO Liasion Office stated for the media,

“It was an excellent opportunity to discuss with Deputy Prime Minister Shekerinska and Minister of Foreign Affairs Dimitrov, the agenda items ahead of NATO Leader’s meeting in London.

You have already participated at CHOD and ministerial meetings, but it is your first meeting at this level, sitting around the table as an invitee and discussing the most important topics on the agenda of the Alliance. This is a result of hard work and dedication of this Government and particularly MOFA and MOD. It was only possible after hard decisions were made during the previous two years and after signing the accession protocol. I am happy to welcome you soon, in the beginning of next year as a 30th Ally and NATO member state.

I wish the distinguished national delegation, headed by Prime Minister Zaev fruitful discussions and the best decisions for the Alliance at the leaders meeting.”

Colonel Jankovič expressed once again his and his team’s enthusiasm to assist the country on its path to NATO.

Story by JFC Naples Public Affairs Office

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