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Zaev – Jankovič: The Country is marching towards NATO

SKOPJE, Former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia* - The Prime Minister of the former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia met the newly appointed Chief NATO Liaison Office Skopje on November 2 in Skopje.

Slovenian Army Colonel Zoran Jankovič met with Prime Minister Zaev to discuss the recent political development in the country and the prospects for the future particularly in respect to the country’s accession to NATO and in that context also the defence and security sector reforms. 

Colonel Jankovič expressed his gratitude for the meeting underlining that this is his first official meeting in the country since his arrival. He saluted the steps the current government is undertaking regarding the reforms and the readiness of the country to become a part of the Alliance. He assured that the hitherto successful cooperation with the Government will continued stressing that he and his team in the NLO Skopje are ready to cooperate at the highest level. 

Prime Minister Zaev informed Colonel Jankovič of the political situation in the country while emphasizing that this is the time when the citizens of the country are writing their history and that the country is ready to move forward towards fulfilling its Euro-Atlantic aspirations. 

Prime Minister Zaev also underlined that the country and the citizens are committed to implementing the reforms significant for both NATO and EU integration. The country remains committed to also to participation in peace operations led by NATO. He also underscored his hope and strong belief that the country will become the 30th member of NATO. 

* Turkey recognizes the Republic of Macedonia with its constitutional name

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