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NLO Skopje participates in gender perspectives panel

SKOPJE, Former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia* -- A panel on gender perspectives in defence was organized and held by the Ministry of Defence in Skopje, former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia*, March 8, 2018.

NATO Liaison Office Skopje representatives, led by Navy Captain Gorazd Bartol, took part in the panel, which included the Coratian ambassador accredited in the country, defence officials, the deputy prime minister and other diplomats and officials.

The panel began with playing a video message by NATO Deputy Secretary General, Rose Gottemoeller, during which she emphasised that women are catalysts to peaceful solution of conflicts.

The panel was opened by the permanent UN coordinator and permanent representative of UNDP in the former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia, Louisa Vinton. In her opening remarks she stressed that there is progress in the country in improving woman’s rights, gender equality, and that more and more women that are part of the defence forces are not a burden but excellent assets that offer a great contribution in the defence systems.

Deputy President of the Parliament, Frosina Remenski, expressed satisfaction that the number of women in the military academy is increasing and hopes in the near future the country shall have its first woman General in the Army. 

The Minister of Social Policy and Labour, Mila Carovska, said improvements are being worked regarding the legal regulations in terms of overcoming discrimination problems that women and men face at the working place and other spheres of life. 

"The greater non-inclusiveness of the women, the bigger the potential is in a country to have violence,” said Bujar Osmani , the Vice Prime Minister for European Affairs.

Other speakers noted that more work still needs to be done on the implementation of the action plan adopted based on  UN Resolution 1355, improvement of the women’s position in defence and security.

The goal of the panel was to raise awareness of the  presence and participation of women in defence with emphasis on future concrete steps and policies that will be undertaken in terms of female professionals.

*Turkey recognizes the Republic of Macedonia with its constitutional name.

Story by NLO Skopje 

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