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NLO Skopje celebrates their Host Nation’s army’s Joint Operation’s Command Day

KUMANOVO, Former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia* - On October 17, NATO Liaison Office Skopje Advisors were present at the military celebration of the Joint operations Command in the Kumanovo barracks "Boro Menkov”.
At the celebration, besides the Chief of the Army’s General Staff, Major General Vasko Gjurcinovski, also the Ministry of Defence State Secretary, Mr. Dragan Nikolik, army generals the commanders of the units, accredited Defence Attaches in the country, former JOC Commanders and representatives of the local government were present.
While addressing the guests, Gjurcinovski said that the contribution that JOC provides, through building and development of the command and the subordinated units in improving the overall defence processes is for respect. He stressed that the numerous acknowledgments of the achieved successes in exercises and missions, the high standards in training, engagements in dealing with natural disasters and assistance to the local government fully justify the confidence in this highest command on operational level in the army. 
The Joint Operation Command, as a command on operational level exists since the establishment of the army as an army corpus. In 2000 it was transferred in the First Army Corpus, in 2002 was renamed as Land Forces Command and as of 2005 is restructured according to NATO standards into Joint Operations Command. 

* Turkey recognises the Republic of Macedonia with its constitutional name.

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