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DSACEUR opens workshop in Skopje

SKOPJE, Former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia* -- U.K. Army General Sir James Everard, the Deputy Supreme Allied Commander Europe, was among the participants at the Military Partnership Coordination Workshop in Skopje, April 23 to 27, 2018.

More than 180 attendees from 45 NATO and partner nations gathered to discuss partnership with NATO.

Everard stated that the Military Partnerships Workshop is a base for establishment of realistic preconditions that will enable coordination with the Alliance. He also stressed the importance of partnerships and their role as a foundation of cooperation in NATO.

The Minister of Defence and Deputy Prime Minister of the Former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia, Radmila Sekerinska, said during her opening statement that the country, the host of this workshop, still has important tasks that are to be fulfilled until the NATO Summit in July, but it has deserved to become the 30th member Nation of NATO

Shekerinska expressed hope that NATO will recognize the resolute dedication and the strong political will of the Government and the citizens for achievement of the strategic priority, which is NATO membership which has remained unchanged in the most difficult periods and political crisis through which the country has gone.

"I am very impressed by the professional standards of your army and the efforts put into the mission,” said deputy chief of staff of the Military Partnerships Directorate, Major General Odd Egil Pedersen. "Of course, additional things to be done can be requested at any time, but your contribution is great not only in Afghanistan but also worth mentioning are Kosovo, Bosnia and Herzegovina.”

The Minister of Defence also announced that after receiving the Government’s signal, four more officers will join the mission in Afghanistan as part of the German contingent, in the period of 4 months during the elections there.  She stressed that this showing that the country can function not only as a partner but also as a member of the Alliance. 

The NATO Military Partnerships Coordination will encompass topics such as NATO led operations and participation in them, harmonization of the partnership’s processes, education and training. 

*Turkey recognizes the Republic of Macedonia with its constitutional name.

Story by NLO Skopje

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