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Czech Deputy Minister of Defence meets with NATO Advisory Team

Story Courtesy of NLO Skopje 

SKOPJE, Former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia* - Czech Deputy Minister of Defence, Jakub Landovskẏ and his team began his visit to former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia with a meeting with the NATO Liaison Office Skopje’s NATO Advisory Team led by the Chief of the Office, Slovenian Navy Captain Gorazd Bartol.

Bartol started the meeting by greeting and expressing gratitude on behalf of his team for being first office to be met with during the Deputy Minister’s visits. Following a presentation on the composition, roles and responsibilities of the office, a discussion ensued within which Landovsky asked many questions about the political developments in the country. The discussion continued with the defence policy and plans setting process, the threat assessment process, the status of defence reforms and in particular the ongoing SDR, levels of interoperability and the armed forces participation in foreign, particularly NATO-led missions.

Landovski stated that he and his country have been very much encouraged by the recent development in the country and that the main mission of the current visit is to identify areas in which the Czech Republic assistance in the Defence and security reform would be most beneficial.    

* Turkey recognizes the Republic of Macedonia with its constitutional name.

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