Reinforced mechanized infantry battalion conducts live firing exercise

Ground and air forces showcased their high level skills in battling terrorists at Krivolak Training Area.
Oct 9, 2017

KRIVOLAK TRAINING AREA, the former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia* - the Army of the former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia* conducted a tactical exercise demonstrating its high level offensive operations capability, October 9, 2017.
The training in which multiple Army unites participated has been witnessed by the country’s President, H.E. Gjorge Ivanov, the Ministry of Defence top leadership, high ranking active and retired Army officers as well as representatives from the NATO Liaison Office Skopje and many civilian guests.

The execution of comprehensive combat procedures in a complex battle field environment combined with enhanced fire power illustrated the Army’s readiness to fulfill its mission and to contribute to NATO led operations.
The attending military leadership endorsed the high level of professionalism and motivation showcased by more than 800 servicemen belonging to the 1st mechanized infantry brigade reinforced by the Special Operations Regiment and the Air Brigade.

According to the exercise scenario, the soldiers demonstrated synchronized procedures of engaging a terrorist group by deploying Special Forces teams for example by Mi 17 helicopters, by using several types of artillery weapons, and they also trained the execution of Medical Evacuation.

The involved units are part of the medium Infantry Battalion Group that recently completed their combat readiness evaluation in accordance with NATO’s Operational Capabilities Concept.