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NLO Skopje and advisors hold meetings with Armed Forces section heads

NATO Advisory Team (NAT) military advisors had meetings at the Ministry of Defence with the respective section heads in the Armed Forces in order to discuss about enhancing and deepening the bilateral cooperation, as well as further assistance and advice in specific areas, May, 2017.

The NLO Skopje NAT military advisors elaborated proposals focused on increasing NATO support to the Armed Forces requirements and, within their expertise, on providing their assistance to achieving the Partnership Goals. The Armed Forces Section Heads reiterated their willingness for increased cooperation in the particular areas of interest.

The NAT interoperability advisor and force structure advisor and training specialist met with Colonel Muhaedin Bela, State Advisor on Plans and Policy in the host nation MoD, and discussed setting priorities such as air-ground cooperation, participation in main NATO training events, improvement of the lesson learned cycle, and improvement of NCO’s professional education.

Although the Defence Budget faces some serious constraint, the Ministry of Defence stated that they are seriously committed to allocating every available Denar, which is the local currency, to modernization.

According to NAT advisors at the event, it’s not only a matter of money. There are also issues related to NATO standards and doctrine that need to be addressed in order to effectively set the pattern that will lead the country towards gaining full-fledged membership in the Alliance.

Discussions were focused on achieving participation in the coordination of various training organized by the different countries as well as participation in various training in the context of increasing professionalism of the army personnel.

The progress and obstacles in the implementation of communications and information system partnership goals was the main focus of the meetings that the NAT command control communications and information, or C3I, advisor had with the communications branch chief and section chiefs. The NAT C3I Advisor reestablished a format and agenda of regular meetings, both on the technical and on the administrational level.

According to NAT advisors, the cooperation between the NAT and their counterparts from the Armed Forces will continue on professional level in order to achieve the set strategic goal and that is NATO full-fledged membership.

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