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NLO Skopje hosts the 8th Balkan Liaison Working Group

In the period 07-09 March 2017, the 8th Balkan Liaison Working Group (BLWG) took place in Ohrid. It was hosted by NATO Liaison Office Skopje (NLO Sk) and chaired by Joint Forces Command Naples (JFC Naples). Several heads and representatives from NATO HQs in the western Balkans attended it: NATO HQ Sarajevo, NATO Military Liaison Office Belgrade and of course NLO Sk.

The event began on the eve of 07 March 2017, with an icebreaker where the participants had the opportunity to converse in a friendly atmosphere and get to know each other. Then, on 08 March 2017, the events continued with a conference chaired by JFC Naples ACOS J9, during which experiences were exchanged among the various NATO offices under the guidance of JFC Naples as superior command, and situational awareness of events in each one’s area of the western Balkans was offered. Each of the entities briefed the others about various issues of common interest and possible cooperation. Fruitful discussions among the participants on were initiated and the direction and guidance of our superior HQ was accepted and noted. The meeting was concluded as successful and various ways ahead were discussed. Afterwards, an official tour of the city of Ohrid was provided for the participants, followed by official dinner.

The working group was greeted by all as fruitful and many areas of extending the assistance to the superior command and to the Host Nations where the various NATO offices are located were identified for further exploitation.

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