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NATO Liaison Office Skopje visites MLO Belgrade

Staff members of the NATO liaison office Skopje visited their counterparts in Belgrade, April 5-6, 2017.

As it was agreed during the Balkan Liaison Working Group meeting held in October, in Sarajevo, that cooperation between and among the NATO teams in the region and enhancement of their capabilities through exchange of views, experience, and lessons learned is of great importance.

NATO Liaison Office Skopje (NLO Sk) took the initiative to organize visits to the other NATO missions in the western Balkans. As first in this intended sequence, they paid a visit to their colleagues in Serbian capital of Belgrade.

The NLO Skopje team led by the Chief of the NATO Liaison Office Skopje, Slovenian Navy Capt. Gorazd Bartol, were welcomed by the entire MLO Belgrade's staff. The visit included numerous briefings on the office's roles and structure which led into a plenary part supported by the expertize of several subject matter experts to discuss views and experiences.

The aim of the meetings to exchange experiences which may lead to a further improvement concluded in the percepetion that both countries the former Yugoslav republic of Macedonia* and Serbia have a lot of goals in common and face similar challenges.

The meeting concluded with the mutual agreement the teams will continue to conduct these visits in order to increase their cooperation across the borders.
Story and imagery by NLO Skopje
*Turkey recognizes the Republic of Macedonia with its constitutional name.

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